Romain Marula {}

Romain works in Brussels and does graphic design, art, teaches and codes.

Since 2015 he leads with Ivan Murit, ivro, an artistic research project which tackles the social interactions of new media and their algorithmic and automated nature.

In 2016 he visited an artistic residency at the villa Médicis in Rome and co-founded the atelier Bek in Brussels.

In 2017, he co-founded Luuse, a group of designers who pay particular attention to the methods, the processes and the tools used, and to their documentation.

Since September 2017, he teaches digital tools, hybrid editions and the digital exploration at the Graduate School of Arts Le 75 and the digital culture at the Graduate School of Arts of Mons Arts2.

In 2018 and 2019 and among other things, he collaborated with the Villa Noailles. He collected Web resources to feed the project He participated in the creation of posters and flyers for the salon Mirage 2018.

He worked on the presentation of productions elaborated with experimental and free technics at the Gaîté Lyrique during their event called PrePostPrint. He developed a workshop on layout tools during the Festival Fig. He created the design and programmed the website Abécédaire on the occasion of the 50 years anniversary of the Esa 75 as well as the website Twenty-Nine.